COLIN PATEMAN grew up in the south of England and spent the majority of his working life as a police officer. His key roles were in handling specialist search dogs and additionally as a Police Search Advisor, having been trained by the Royal Engineers. He became a fully qualified instructor within the ‘Dog Unit’ and felt privileged to have trained and worked in operational Policing for over 30 years.

Colin is an avid collector of aviation memorabilia, gaining great satisfaction from the gathering and preservation of personal accounts of Second World War pilots and aircrews. The quality of research within his books reflects both empathy and respect to the subject of WWII aviation history.

The foundation of original material is fundamental to the content of his books. Original flying logbooks composed during operational tours of duty provide first-hand information and interviews with veterans have brought to life accounts of life in the RAF during the Second World War. The book ‘Unshackled Spirit’ is an incredible story that has been revealed only as a result of research and investigation. The ‘Churchill College’ Archives exposed evidence that has never been documented previously, an example of the depth and quality of work undertaken by Colin in creating such interesting books. Original Prisoner of War ‘Log books’ enhance this book bringing a unique collection of material that has never been seen previously.

Collecting memorabilia and medals has enabled Colin to present his collection of books in a truly unique way and he hopes to support his works with further publications in the future.

Byers Medals And Log Book With Box Of Issue

Byers Medals and Log Book with Box Of Issue